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Monday, December 18, 2006

You're in Mint Condition!

Awhile ago, my four-year-old came up with a great idea. Months before my birthday was even close to rolling around she said, "Mom, you like mint, you should have a mint party."

Normally we do not indulge adults in our family with themed birthday parties, but I liked the thought so much and wanted to honor her creativity that I jumped on it, "That's a great idea!"

I made some mint cookies. A friend bought me a bag of the new mint Hershey's kisses. My kids made a sweet birthday pie. Thought we had it covered. But to my surprise, my family showed up with about 20 different kinds of mint goodies at a coffee shop to throw a surprise birthday party. I was so set up!

So, here's the pie in process. There were three steps to making my treasured mint pie. The final product tasted really good, but round one sent a kiddo in tears when the first crust got neglected.

(I came home as they were working on the pudding!) Two versions of the finished product posted...the carefully prepared recipe from at top (it's the Creamy Chocolate-Mint Pie), and the kid-plastered Andes original!

What a gift of love!


Anonymous said...

Your kids could make me a strawberry themed birthday=my favorite dessert is Mile High Strawberry Pie that my mom made a lot. I rarely make it myself. Do you remember it Jennifer?

Jennifer Noble said...

Yeah, I remember that! Crazy thing is today I made a Strawberry Mousse. I think it would taste pretty much like the pie. Would make an interesting comparison anyway! Have a great weekend, ME