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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Hits

Awe. It still happens. I consider how a great God rescued me, teaches me, helps me - guides me, and I can't get over His generosity. Rahab, by Francine Rivers, closes with Rahab's process of being accepted by God's people. Her experiences draw me back to the times I have felt inadequate to be a believer. Yet I am an heir, not an orphan. Now I know others share in the same feelings - but do not allow themselves to act upon inferiority, they listen to what is true...they keep following a God who loves them and will help them in times of need. Needs are met one at a time, and amazing things happen through this acceptance of sufficiency through Christ. Shadowlands was recommended to my by my dearest aunt Lisa. It also displays inner changes of the heart through CS Lewis - his writings, faith and love. It has awe written all over it.

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