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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boys, boys, boys

I'm posting my son's drawing of his bedroom. He's three years old! I'm proud of his budding artwork (and will take it as long as it lasts!) Boys, boys, boys! Then, a shirt I'm considering for my dad's birthday or somewhere down the road. He's a Three Stooges fan. It so fits his personality - -


Avril Manderson - AM Jewellery said...

That's a fun picture. Children's imaginations are fantastic - I would love to know what he was thinking as he drew! I am a jewellery artist dedicated to turning children's drawings into jewellery and am always surfing the web for examples of drawings. I am researching for a new online gallery I am planning for my website to celebrate the creativity of children and wondered if you would be interested in displaying your child’s drawing there? My website can be found at

Jennifer Noble said...

Yes, feel free to save his drawing. He has a sports bed, so that's where the primary colors come in. The pillows are clear! Your jewelry is great - what a super idea for Mother's Day! I'll maybe throw out a few hints on that one, blessings - Jennifer