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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Art from a 6-year-old

Illustrations amaze me.  Take this drawing from my 6-year-old daughter - I could NOT do this!  She didn't look at anything, and she came up with five layers of flowering.  Is that how I should describe it?  I'm sure there's a better way - but you get my drift.  There's a gift there.

One of the points in "The Cure for the Common Life" took note of the verse in Proverbs about training your children in the way they should go. There was some insight in the origin of the word "way."  That it used to have more to do with "bent" or just the directions in which your child is interested in.  

We ran into our Laura Wilder art teacher today - Miss Wilson.  I told her the girls are ready to "art it up!"  The other day, this observant 6-year-old pointed out the mural at the water park we visited.  She was the only one in our family to really "see" it - talk about the way SHE should GO!  

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