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Monday, October 06, 2008

Creativity Muse UND Writer's Conference

First inspiration first.  I've completed a small video about "I'm Glad I'm a Mom" posted now on Facebook!  Mark Geary shared his tidbits about the Best Practices for the Internet.  He mostly spoke in language I didn't understand, but afterwards - I tried out IMovie & it's not so bad.

From a writing standpoint, I learned the most from Will Weaver.  It was a delight to hear him read and have him candidly speaking of his growth and pains as a writer.  Plus, his attitude is four-star.  He talked about how at the sentence level "we need to have things under control."  And then with my critique, he did comment on how well I had that part covered.  That was great feedback.  Weaver read from his book "Full Service" and addressed how the modern metaphor of the title is how many are promoters of "self-service."  Another metaphor he shared was how a paragraph is like a hard-boiled egg.  It has the main idea, or yolk, inside - and a pleasing shape!  That was one he shared spur-of-the-moment with his breakfast in hand and I'm sure we appreciated it more than the college students could have.

Sarah Shumway was super sweet...and highlighted her work at Dutton.  She had surveyed some of their editors to find out they are looking for that unique voice - and Shumway along with Andrea Weiss from Evan-Moor both commented how difficult that term is to define.  So as long as I don't live in mainstream, I should be fine.  Hmm...  I do think it's rather comfortable here.  We'll see what I can do!

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