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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Art Direction by Tim Gillner

This is my daughter's artwork.  She tried a new medium the night of our writer's conference - although this piece was the closest thing I had scanned to represent her artistic combinations, the real thing was a red and blue FOOTBALL smeared with glue.  

All of our speakers at the spring SCBWI conference in Sioux Falls were humorous, and exactly what I needed for a snowy weekend. Tim pulled out examples of artwork submissions in the form of Christmas ornaments, magnets - and even a view finder.  From a writing perspective, he mentioned finding the climaxes of a story - and his favorite pick was a story about a child kissing their animals good night. I enjoyed it as well!  Now I have a long reading list pulling out titles from the Boyds Mills Press website, and I'm especially noticing all of the talented illustrators.  Looks like fun!

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