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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayer Tomorrow

Meeting for the first time for this school year with some women for Moms in Touch prayer tomorrow. I've pulled scripture on God being trustworthy - including his faithfulness, reliability and worthy of our confidence, and I need it.

How doubt creeps in from those difficult experiences with others. I read, "Our level of trust is based upon how someone has proven themselves to be faithful in the past. As you probably know from personal experience, it takes months and years to establish a high level of trust, but only a moment to destroy it." Somehow it can taint our views on God and how trustworthy He is. What we want seems more important than following God's will. As I look to tomorrow and that time of confession, it's relevant to seek Him for keeping me on track with reliability.

In this season of life, I mourn for broken confidences and rebellion on my part and others. What a blessing to have a forgiving God! Amazing He's forgiven things like rebellion and a lack of reliability in advance, and good thing He continues to restore us to faithful service - ultimately allowing trust to be built. Thank you, Lord.

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