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Friday, January 08, 2010

Romantic Days Ahead

With the onset of Valentine's Day, I'm hoping to post a few motivators. Mainly because it's so much fun! My first thought was shopping, and since it's so darn cold outside... looks like my options will come from on-line vendors. Sure you could find something comparable at a retailer. Here were my thoughts for gift ideas (so far).

They can be...

1. Personal - So that's why these socks are so great. I'm thinking socks to match your loved ones gifts & passions. This one's from I'm thinking a dairy farmer's wife!

2. Lovable - The idea behind this hoodie is a "Bear Hug." I'm thinking a 7-yr old sweetie out there may need one. Does your child qualify? (then the link for kids)
3. Colorful - I say February's the "Shortest, longest
month" - so that's why brightness is a good thing! This is a $24.00 bag from - Sioux Fall's teacher store on Minnesota in the past has had rainbow colored synthetic fibered bags in the past...those would likely stand up under pressure!

So, cheers to a great start! All heart's away!!!!

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