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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Causes for prayer...


We often see ourselves as fragile, breakable souls
We live in fear of that which we are certain
we can't survive
As children of God, we are only as fragile as our
unwillingness to bend the knee
our pride alone is fragile.
Once its shell is broken and the heart laid bare,
we can sense the caress of God's tender care.
Until then He holds us just the same.
Beth Moore

This poem partly identifies my prayer life over the past year.  I've found myself prayerful as a need arises, but then as I wait for the answer, envisioning God's possible answers, I wrestle with scenarios that might not be how I'd really like the situation to turn out.  A friend encouraged me to rely on the truth that God's wisdom is better than mine.  

I've started to see those scenarios I don't like initially as an opportunity to surrender sooner, and realize how waiting brings about the results I wanted in the first place.  A tactile example would be when I first decided to write and didn't have any assignments.  My response (after waiting) was asking myself, "What do you really want?"  The answer was to help people.  Although writing is a way to reach people, there were actually more engaging ways to do this.  Writing became secondary to the initial help I could give.  

I'm looking forward to planning a teaching series for children on how poetry is worshipful.  Part of it is hearing these poems that represent truth and light.  You might be surprised at what I'm digging up!  Until then, I'll work on being more fragile, too.  It's there the blessings are discovered.

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