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Monday, September 06, 2010

Poopy Packing

I'm sure there are stories that more adequately depict my title, especially from my mom friends with children under three; however, as my family discussed packing, it was the description we deemed fitting.  As I came home and pulled out everything from my bag of clothing and toiletries, I discovered a pair of swishy pants and a long-sleeved cotton shirt.  This was humorous because through the weekend I borrowed Chad's sweat pants and wore the one pink v-neck with long sleeves over and over again.  We all grew tired of this ragged ensemble. I told him, "I don't think I found it because it was buried under all the clothes I wanted to wear."  I also noted that on my packing list, I listed "bad weather clothes" and "extra bad weather clothes."  I obviously am entirely too much of an optimist and don't adhere well to lists.  Good news was that my children were adequately clothed and there was no "guilt" involved, only pity for my family watching me wear the same outfit every time the wind came up.

Now Chad is working on a 3-day trip to Alabama.  He told me the first thing he packed was underwear because the last time he unpacked his bag, he noted that the underwear were forgotten.  In all blessed sovereinty, that trip got cancelled.  And here is where we've found that packing can be poopy!

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