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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reaching Out to Muslims in the USA Coming Soon

Josh McDowell, author of "More Than a Carpenter" and "Evidence That Demands a Verdict", is coming to Sioux Falls to share with students, parents, pastors, ministry and business leaders an encouraging message of TRUTH in the context of RELATIONSHIPS. Over the course of three days, October 27th through the 29th, Josh McDowell will address each audience individually with six different messages regarding the challenges we're facing as Christians in a hostile culture.

Whether the topic is 'choosing right from wrong' or 'transforming relationships' or 'reaching out to Muslims', Josh McDowell will help both adults and young people solidify their faith into convictions that will stand firm in the face of worldly attacks.

Josh McDowell's speaking schedule in Sioux Falls is as follows:

Wednesday, October 27th
- 6:45 PM for high school students - "Right From Wrong - Making Right Choices in a Whatever World!" - Central Baptist Church
- 8:30 PM for parents - "7 Steps to Raising Kids in Today’s World” - Central Baptist Church

Thursday, October 28th
- 12 noon for pastors and ministry leaders - "Being Effective in Your Culture" - Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church
- 7:30 PM for the general public - "Skeptics Quest" (Josh’s personal testimony) - Augustana Elmen Center

Friday, October 29th
- 12 noon for business people - "Relationships that Transform” - Holiday Inn Downtown
- 7 PM for Christian leaders - "Reaching Out to Muslims in the USA" - University of Sioux Falls

Josh McDowell is being sponsored by Priority Associates of Sioux Falls. All presentations are free (except Friday’s Luncheon) and open to the public, although seating may be limited in some venues. Promotional materials are available for display in your facility or for mailing to your group. Please check out website at for pending event locations.

For more information, contact:

David Larson - Priority Associates 605-310-1410

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