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Friday, October 08, 2010

Mel's Spinning Donuts in the Parking Lot

Sierra chose to play Imaginiff. Grandpa Mel picked Sierra, then Sierra picked Mel. Here was the question for him. “Imaginiff Mel enjoyed a day in the snow. Which would he do?” Note that Andrew said he had his answer before Chad even had read the choices.
  1. Go ice fishing
  2. Take extreme jumps at the terrain park
  3. Head for the bar
  4. Meander down a forest trail
  5. Make snow angels
  6. Spin donuts in a parking lot
Sierra asked, “What are spinning donuts?” After we told her she explained that she thought it meant you were really spinning the donuts! The cutie had remembered two of the questions we'd answered about Grandpa Ken, including if he'd more likely be classified by the TV show “Dora the Explorer” or “The Sports Channel.” Now I wonder???  The other question would embarrass both of them.

What about me?  Hmm...definitely snow angels. All the others I'd hurt myself.

1 comment:

Jane Heitman Healy said...

Cute, Jennifer! How about a choice that says "Stay inside, drink hot chocolate and read a mystery novel"? That would be my choice!