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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Exhibit at the Pavilion - Today's Events....

I was touched by the comparisons with photography and Norman Rockwell originals profiled in this video.  My favorite modern version was the assembly of the Fiesta Grill.  I remember when Olana read Chad the directions.  She was a big help!

Kevin Rivoli – Lecture: In Search of Norman Rockwell’s America”
Saturday, January 29
Belbas Theater – 1 pm.
Free to public
Book Signing at 10AM & 2 pm; 

Gallery Lecture at 3PM 
*Ticket to Exhibit Required


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Thanks for posting the video, Jennifer! The photographer defines Rockwell's appeal and introduces his companion photos very well.

Jennifer Noble said...

Did you get the book Jane?