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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Illness Observations

Now that I'm official over my 3x's of adult-sized colds, I have a good report of how I found my illness to be positive.  This is a post for all those friends still suffering with colds!

First observation - I ate much healthier through my cold.  I'm trying to keep going on the veggie vein.

Second fact - I did not purchase near as many items...I maybe shopped for groceries, and that was it.  I did try the Vicks on the feet, and that drove me nuts!  My feet were cold and slimy, and who came up with that idea anyway?

Third find - I usually do a combination of agave nectar, 1 t. lemon juice and warm water, but this time I tried 1 T. of grapefruit juice and that was a tad sweeter and tasted nice.

The only thing that didn't taste so good were the Cephacol cough drops.  They have the same ingredient the dentist uses for mouth numbing.  Maybe they'd be good after eating popcorn?!

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