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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shout Out to the Lunch Ladies

This month I met my Amachi mentee at his school for lunch.  The lunch lady there rocks!  Things to pass along to your special school lunch team would be as follows:

#1  Use a microphone.  Wow, it made it so much easier to follow the instructions for the kids.
#2  With the pancakes, use the "Rip and Dip" method works like a machine.  Kids rip off chunks and dip them in the syrup.
#3  Tell them to place the lid to the syrup that they've ripped off on the side of their milk carton.

So, these are my props to Mark Twain's Pancake Days.  Did anyone go for the free ones at IHOP yesterday?  I imagine they were BUSY!  We stayed away from the germs and freebie crowds...I know, Party Pooper.

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