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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post Easter: My Thoughts

These are some challenging questions. They would be great to use with a prayer partner. I had the opportunity to share somewhat with my bible study group today, but I thought I'd take myself up on the challenge...and who knows where the prayers will land?!

1)  Are you having daily quiet time with the Lord?
I am.  There's definitely prayer in my daily life.  Often times scripture comes to mind.  There are always moments everyday where I desire to stop thinking in my head and pray.

2)  What was your most meaningful verse of scripture this week and how did it impact you?
I don't know the reference off hand, but it's one Chad & I memorized when we were wanting to be more diligent in our finances.  It's "The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty."  I told my hubby that the pinch I was feeling this time wasn't the first part of the verse, but the last.  There are moments of haste I think I can make up for later, whether personal or temporal, and it doesn't always happen.  It's still difficult for me to balance when I should just relax and let things go, when I need to buckle down, etc., etc.

3)  When did you feel closest to Christ this week?
Easy.  Praying for someone else Easter Sunday.

4)  What have you done this week so Christ will be better known and loved in your family, vocation and community?
We have been praying as a family for my neighbor who is experience troubles with her back.  She cared for her husband through his alzheimer's disease and death.  Vocation & community just trying to share experiences that reflect God's work in my life.

5) Who needs encouragement from you this week?
Maybe Olana the most.  She just got glasses.  Chad's been working really hard too.

6)  What is your greatest concern & pray...

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