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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tech Camp Application

The computer technicians from AllStar Technology are offering to teach a 3-day Tech Camp. Information is below, and if your 5th grader is interested, contact me for an application.

AllStar Technology, Inc. is offering a free technology camp after school’s dismissal this spring. Fifth grade students may complete an application which includes an essay on the inventor of the computer, John Atanasoff. Six applicants will participate in a three-day event from Wednesday, May 25th through Friday, May 26th.

At day camp students will explore the internal workings of a computer, create a new website and work with digital photography and imaging as well exploring software that includes more than 200 challenges.
As “screen time” should be limited for children, AllStar Technology encourages that time to be as educational and interactive as possible. As John Atanasoff began studying calculating devices at age nine, he also read technical books on mathematics, physics and chemistry. His interest in building a calculating machine arose from his need to solve partial differential equations without doing the number crunching by hand.
Dave Vrooman started ProComputing which incorporated into AllStar Technology, Inc. in 2009. His introduction to computers was in 7th grade, when only the 9th graders were offered computer classes. The fact that the teacher was also his homeroom teacher, and would stay late to allow a few interested students to explore, gave him this early start. Dave Vrooman began doing programming in BASIC when there wasn’t even a floppy drive on the computer.
AllStar Technology Inc. has chosen 5th graders to pilot its Technology Camp and would like applications and information by May 1st.

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