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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perhaps Brave Enough to Read

This book has been compared to Francine River's title "Redeeming Love."  I'm curious how the two stories connect and how she portrays the spiritual healing that takes place.

First-time novelist Yttrup writes a riveting, emotionally charged story about a 10-year-old sexual abuse victim, Kaylee Wren, who has literally lost her voice in the aftermath of ongoing trauma. Kaylee, living with her mom's abusive boyfriend after her mother abandons her, turns to the world of words for her comfort and sanity. Smart as a whip, Kaylee sounds out words in her mind and links words and phrases far beyond comprehension for her age as she puzzles out hour-by-hour survival. Enter the 30-ish Sierra Dawn, a grief-stricken artist whose own infant daughter died 12 years earlier. When these two meet, there is a supernatural connection. Rescuing Kaylee from her tormenter is only the first step to freedom for both of these characters, as they walk toward wholeness. Yttrup's story is particularly powerful as it in part mirrors her own painful past.


Deane said...

Reminds me of "Speak" -- both the book and the movie with Kristin Stewart.

Jennifer Noble said...

Interesting, one of the teacher's I know in North Dakota is a fan of Speak. I'm glad there's a Christian equivalent.