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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Moment with my Son

Andrew humored me by telling me he was going to get the best book of all to read.  We usually bring picture books, so when he brought me back the bible, I smiled from ear to ear.  The first day we read the story of Jesus' birth, but yesterday I said, "What about David and Goliath?" He eagerly agreed.

My second "moment" came as I searched in 1st Samuel. Andrew praised me by saying, "Mom, you always know where to go in the Bible" (how touching as I think of the quiet times before the Lord in His word). Then he said, "You know pastors always know where to go too."  So now I was quite humbled.

As we read 1st Samuel Chapter 17, I was reminded again at that voice that screams for the Lord to be foremost in our hearts and lives.  As Saul kept telling the people of how there would be rewards for Goliath's death (like a tax exemption), David kept going back to the fact the Lord's character was being assaulted.

For a long time, I struggled to get over what David did wrong to bring down his devotion and those who followed his leadership, but in more recent years I have realized how his love for God led him to follow his heart in such good ways too. Few people are willing to make such strong statements of their awe and commitment to Christ.

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