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Monday, June 06, 2011

Writing Exercise #8 ~ of 20

The theme for this writing exercise is to find a fan. Now I know it's hot outside, but not that kind of fan. I'm talking about that supportive friend or family member who won't say anything constructive. They constantly encourage you by remarking, "I think writing is a subjective matter. Your piece looks as good or better than the things I've read."  They might say, "I'm going to keep this manuscript until it gets published."  Etc., etc.

My mom Donna loves to read 
My mother-in-law Jan
This is my mother-in-law Jan. She's filed pages from my printer away. How I love her for it! As my last piece has progressed, my mom also took it to her elementary students and had them come up with questions about it. When they called and interviewed me, it was a definite encouragement. In a business where one piece gets published among thousands, it's mostly those loyal readers that keep me going - that as well as the spiritual refinement it's bringing and the joy in learning. There are definitely days when those rewards barely outweigh the letters that read, "This manuscript does not suit our present needs." Yet, I know that the creative efforts are part of a bigger picture, and the community of writers and readers and the message that draws them together is a blessing I've come to love.

I want to congratulate Sarah Young on her book "Jesus Calling." My children are connecting with the prayers and scriptures. I know two of my Moms in Touch friends have shared it many times, and one of those recommendations landed with me.  This is Sarah's letter to her biggest fan (once again MOM!!!)

I dedicate Jesus Calling to my mother, whose encouragement helped me keep working till I completed the book. She showed her appreciation of my writing in many ways. She kept my manuscripts beside her bed, so she could read it every morning. Once, while away from her home, she even asked me to send her the readings day by day. After she died from cancer, I found portions of my writings that she had hand-copied into a journal. This mother who had prayed me through thick and thin opened her heart fully to my devotional writing. She was a master storyteller, and she talked about writing children's books someday. Though that day never came, there is a sense in which -- through me -- she has written this book.

Thank you, Nani! Your legacy lives on.

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