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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Activities

Art for middle school has spurred on this creation from Olana. She pieced together tissue paper to make this flower vase for her mom.  Love it!

I've gotten to work with the amazing Kayleen Lundquist in 5th grade, and I decided to use her first day mixer with our church small group in September.  There was a long list (26 classmates) of descriptions of "something you wouldn't know about me is..." and as she read the clue, the students were to write down a few notes to remember who they're matching the description to and choose the student they thought she was describing.

The funniest confessions from fifth grade boys included...

"My nickname is Doodlebug."
"I have always loved to sing, and "I get sick when I eat popcorn."  As to who they are, well, that secret will remain with me and the rest of fifth grade.

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