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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funny One

Laugh Lines Are Beautiful: And Other Age-Defying Truths 

Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant

This book was one I glanced through at my aunt Lisa's house. She's one for a good laugh, and I was rolling through the funny one-liners and accompanying photos. Here's a quick glimpse of general gist... and use your imagination for the imagery!

Now that you're a "mature woman" you're smart enough to know...

"Have you lost weight?" is a good conversation starter, "Who are you again?" is always a good conversation ender.

You still look 20 something.  From the back.  At night.  In the fog.

It's silly to long for a washboard stomach when you have a dashboard stomach - soft and padded with a built-in air bag.

It's never a good idea to wear slippers to the grocery store.

and the finale... "You should never spend more on anti-aging creams than you do airline tickets."

So true.

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