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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Name Calling

Andrew shot a few photos and this one was classic.  Note that I did not say "classy" - CLASSIC!  I started off the day in my comfy clothes to sew the scarf from a peacock shirt my mom was willing to let me alter.  You know a fun fact about peacocks, they're a symbol of Christ because of His body not seeing decay.  Peacock's bodies apparently take a long time to someone linked these two things is kind of funny - well, I suppose it makes me think of the miracle of salvation for a moment now.  Okay, back on subject...  My mom passed on some jewelry (the earrings), but then when I put the 80's scarf around my head dear Grandpa Mel called me "Aunt Jemima."  Chad got a kick out of that sentiment.  I took it as a compliment.  You have to love someone a lot to tease them, right~?~ Maybe I do have some Southern hospitality afterall!  We took a photo of the stir fry I made last night because of the beautiful colors that cooked up... You know who to call for health food (my kids are looking for someone to call for pizza!!!!)

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