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Friday, December 23, 2011

Stevia Bars

We made the recipe from the post below.  I was amazed at how the almond butter flavors very similarly to flour after baking.  I did use a full cup of rice flour, and if I was to bake again, I believe I'd add another egg to help with the moisture level.  The batter itself didn't taste all that sweet, and the chocolate was the main sweet note. From previous baking with new flours, I decided to do bars instead of cookies and that seemed to help with crumbling.

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Jennifer Noble said...

Stevia can be several hundred times sweeter than sugar, is non-caloric and diabetic safe. It doesn’t promote tooth decay.

S. Rebaudiana, Stevia is a member of the aster family (Compositae) and grows to be a small perennial shrub like plant native to Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. The natives in those countries most likely have used the leaves to sweeten their foods since pre-Columbian times, but it wasn’t until 1887 that a scientist discovered it.

The Japanese started growing Stevia in the 50’s. When their government banned some artificial sweeteners due to health concerns in the late 60’s, Stevia use skyrocketed. It is now the main sugar substitute in Japan.