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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm excited to vote in November, but my heart just aches over the issues.  Isn't it crazy how they divide people?  Good thing I have family, friends and responsibilities to enjoy!

We have a very full schedule already, and Sierra wants to learn the flute.  I'm thinking a little music in her day, and then off to the rest of the day's activities.  Can't she decide what she really wants a few years down the road?  I say hopefully.  It helps I spoke with a few others who didn't get to try instruments that wanted to.  Guess we'll have to keep discussing (Friday is the deadline!)  This is where I'm torn between exposure and overload.

In happier news, I added a few things to Rice Krispy Bars (they probably run about 12 g. of sugar per bar, which I still need to work on lowering that), but I included crunched up gluten-free pretzels, cocoa powder, pecans and chocolate chunks.  This creation was inspired from the Iowa State Fair!
Loved the salty/sweet combo!

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