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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lifelight Takeaways

When you're in your thirties, bringing children to Lifelight, sometimes you opt for doing "their thing."That was the case for us this time, as we had a sleepover with a friend from church, and Sierra sang with a praise group on the Kaleidoscope stage. 

However, a fun surprise was Tru Serva taking the mic with his hip-hop and gospel rap alongside all the inflatables (you get surprised when you don't read the schedule online ahead of time).  Nearby an entertaining young gentleman would dance, captivating us with his legs moving in multiple directions simultaneously all the while beating his chest).  He'd encourage others who would come to his side.  Of course, none of them quite compared to his solo act, but it was motivating enough to get people moving along with him!

As I did more research on Tru Serva, I was excited to see he's based out of Minneapolis right now.  There was a list of venues he's scheduled for this fall, many of which looked like a large amount of youth would be involved (that's fine, I just want to go too!)  

Tru Serva also inspired me to take a closer look at my Lifelight program where I also discovered KB.  KB's "Head to the Heavens" has become my new favorite song.  It's got enough hook to compete with any XFactor or The Voice clips on Youtube.  I was thinking 5,920 views was nothing compared to where this lyric will be soon (I'll add 100 views just by myself!).  KB is working with Reach Records who also launched Lacrae's "Background."  Another cool thing in my hunt to learn about KB was finding his Mixtape download free at the moment.  The link for free music is below.

Are you a "help meat?"  You're the Prime rib!!!  Oh, and don't give me too hard of a case for not finding my way to the main stage.  We had a great time on the sidelines.  Thanks Lifelight!

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