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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tiger Claws

My fun Friday polish was not inspired by an actual tiger but the colors of nail polish I wanted to use.

I remembered having my second grade teacher give me Hot Tamales when I cut my fingernails, so now I'm thinking I need to find Mrs. Will and see if she's a fan of the "new french manicure!"

To do this, I used gold for the base, brown on top, a black fingernail paint pen and topped with a clear top coat.

I did the gold base over the brown before making the tiger stripes.  It takes awhile, but if you're just hanging out - why not?!?

And here's what have in common, or do not have in common, with a tiger:

Tigers range in size from the diminutive Sumatrans—females weigh between 165 and 242 pounds, and males weigh between 220 and 310 pounds—to the largest mainland tigers, such as Indians—females weigh between 220 and 352 pounds, and males weigh between 396 and 570 pounds. 

A hungry tiger can eat as much as 60 pounds (27 kilograms) in one night, though they usually eat less.

tiger's roar can be heard as far as 2 mi (3 km) away.


Chad Noble said...

Many of the things I love about you in one post! Your nails, your spunk, your research, your wit...

I love you!

Jennifer Noble said...

I don't know, that sounds like a scary combination to me!!!