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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thankful Titles

These three books are my faves for fall.  "All the World" had a praiseworthy feel to it, noting symbols Christ used in his illustrations of the kingdom of heaven and faith.  Poetic too...a few examples, "Nest, bird, feather, fly, all the world has got its sky," and "Spreading shadows, setting sun, crickets, curtains, day is done. A fire takes away the chill, all the world can hold quite still."  Illustrations are also excellent (LIz Garton Scanlon & Marla Frazee).

"One Smile" by Cindy McKinley & Illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne takes an act of kindness, adds generosity and shows how goodness spreads among people.  Kind of a pay-it-forward story...  I think an adult has to refer back to the beginning, unless you have kids who REALLY pay attention to that kind of thing.  But we enjoyed it as a teachable moment.

"Applesauce Season" by Eden Ross Lipson taught me some new methods with making applesauce.  I don't really think we'll go to the extent of adding a strainer to my kitchen utensils, but it was interesting that some people cook apples and then strain the seeds & peel.  Their applesauce took on different colors then according to which season it was.


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Nice selections. I'm a big fan of All the World, too. :)

Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Dakota said...

Great gift book too. Did you get to hear any authors this past weekend Jane?