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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday Discoveries

Read about five magazines today bumming with the kids.  Chad's sick so I got the sale items (well, not all of them) at Hy-Vee and was like - man, it's sure sad not to be hanging out with Chad too!  Also escorting Olana to babysitting and back.  These are my "notes" in picture and written forms...

Tortillas - 100 N Fairfax - Sioux Falls joint

Prairie City, Iowa, museum
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, located just 25 minutes east of Des Moines, Iowa, was established in 1990. Its mission is to re-construct tallgrass prairie and restore oak savanna on 8,654 acres of the Walnut Creek watershed and to provide a major environmental education facility focusing on prairie, oak savanna, and human interaction.

The refuge has been designated a Fish and Wildlife Service Land Management and Research Demonstration Area. It will facilitate development, testing, teaching, publishing, and demonstration of state-of-the-art management techniques for fish, wildlife, and plant conservation.

The Prairie Learning Center facilities include a visitor center with classrooms, exhibit area, theater, and bookstore. Miles of paved trails radiate from the center, and an auto tour through the 740-acre bison/elk enclosure is open all year. Teacher workshops, birding, hunting, and nature watching are some of the outdoor activities featured for thousands of visitors each year.

The Boulders Restaurant - Walker, MN  * Yikes, really far North!

Mango Tree - Indian restaurant in Brookings library, Greek pizza there too, likely not gluten-free ;-(

Snack - Rice cake, cream cheese w/ blue food coloring, goldfish cracker, broccoli or red pepper coral (kinda like the photo)

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