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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer 2013 Project

This summer the kids are going to study a different country every week.  I appreciated "Multicultural Games" by Lorraine Babarash to incorporate some games as well.  Below are a few ideas from a research standpoint for them to get started, although I'm limiting the research to "books" only.  Aren't I mean?
Compare and contrast your country to the US:
Where are areas of the US population similar?
What monuments or landforms could you visit?
What foods might be served at a meal?
Use the Greek alphabet to write a message to a friend.
Write a story with a landmark as part of the setting.
What is the unit of money?
What are the free time activities?
Triangle Game - From Russia, Draw a triangle and divide it into three sections.  Make the top one #3, middle 2, bottom 1.  Children get three colored stones and stand back 10 ft. and throw in their three.  They add the points.  When someone gets to 50, the game is over.  If stones are knocked out, they don't count.  Take turns going first, second, third.
Colombia - 2 people are it.  One of them leaves the room.  The rest of the kids figure out what colored ribbon they keep.  When they get it done, they say, "Angel, what colors do you wish?"  They respond, "I wish many colored ribbons."  They guess and go until they "miss."  They count the number they got right.  The other Angel comes in and does the same thing.  The Angel with the most stays, the lower number picks someone new to come in until all children have been the angel.
Nigeria - Pair individuals up and have them join at the shoulders.  The front person puts a cloth scrap or handkerchief in their pants or pocket.  At go, teams try to grab each others cloths.  If you get yours pulled, your team is out.  People should change front to back and get new partners.  You can do two colors for teams.
England - Round hopscotch.  Draw a shell like swirl and put "rest" in the middle of it.  One person hops on one foot to get to the center resting point.  If they do so, they pick a division and put their initials on it.  Then the next person goes.  If you step in a claimed box, you're out.  Go until there's a winner.
Russia - Use two ropes and duct tape them in the middle.  Tie knots at the ends.  They will form an X.  Divide people into 4 teams and have a cone about 2-3 yards from the bases of the rope ends.  Teams try to tug to grab the cone first.
Batik with oil crayons-  Indonesia       Toothpick dolls – Brazil           Paper Sea horse – Greece           
Gift Rolls – Russia                             Cheez It Tic Tac Toe Board – Italy   Art Easel – France      

Foil Form – Spain (stars, fans)            Dancing Form – Zimbabwe

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