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Monday, February 24, 2014

A bigger pearl?

We started a new record of what we're thankful for as a family.  The notebook says "Wow" on the cover and it's sitting in the center of our dining room table.
It was a catalyst for our devotional time yesterday.

Chad read through a commentary that likened our struggles and their harvest to that of an irritant in a pearl -- the bigger the irritant, the more we will grow from it, and as the pearl grows larger from bigger rocks and intruders, so does our experience of God and His opportunity to shape us.

As we talked about the sifting in our lives to move us to the west side, we were grateful.  We filled a whole notebook page and at the end of it, I really wanted to add being thankful for meeting Sandy, which led me to my former and current job, as well as praying weekly with Amy, Sharon and Laura, which has blessed our children and family immensly.

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