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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Temptation Devotion for pre-teens/teens

We used the example of Jesus overcoming Satan by APPLYING God's word to help show the need to understand scripture in an emotional/physical/spiritual battle.  The drawings had to do with being connected to the vine (life source). Below were some scenerios we felt our pre-teens/teens may come up against.

You’ve been introduced to a song by a friend that has an upbeat rhythm and you love the way it sounds.  As you listen to the words, you notice the theme has to do with drinking and partying.  When it comes on again, you remembered liking the song but know the words aren’t a good message.  What verse would help you keep from listening to the song again? 

Your parents told you that you couldn’t play any technology until your homework was done and your room was clean. After the room was cleanedyou get tired of working. But you still need to prepare for school.  What verses will help you complete what you need to do? 

There’s a student you know who is not popular, and most people think he/she is kind of annoying.  
One day, while you were eating, this student walks by you and your friendYour friend says, “Quick put your book on that empty seat so he/she won’t sit here.”  What verse will help you respond to the temptation to follow this bad advice? 

Your sibling comes home from school and is excited about something.  You were listening to music and relaxing.  What verse will help you turn your attention to your sibling until their done talking to you instead of your own interests? 

You have been assigned a very long task to help one of your teachers over the summer.  After a few days on the computer, you’re bored and it’s taking longer to do the work you’ve arranged to do.  What verses would help you to focus on completing the  job and keep working or make arrangements to have the project take a longer amount of time than you originally arranged for? 

Your friend wants to get together Friday.  You were just together the past weekend and you know it’s a busy time for your family, yet you are also nervous that your friend is getting more and more involved with other people besides you.  What verses will help you not to be nervous that your friend won’t care about you anymore if you can’t be with him/her again? 

Your family made plans to go to a restaurant that you love.  The day before it’s time to go they tell you that instead of eating out, you’re going to need to eat at home.  What verses will help you to not be angry over this change of plans? 

Two friends are arguing and you can see both sides of the disagreement.  One of them is complaining about the other person to you.  What could you say that would be honest and help them not fall into the temptation of being critical of others? 

A family member makes fun of you and you feel very insulted.  They’ve said they’re sorry, but the words they said are still coming to your mind.  What verses will silence this negativity going on in your soul? 

Know where you’re vulnerable. Others may be able to handle situations where you will fall. Don’t go with them if it is a source of temptation for you. Develop a deep distrust in yourself that drives you to a desperate clinging to the Lord. 

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