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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cudos to MOPS Moms

I don't exactly love the acroynm MOPS, standing for Mothers of Preschoolers, but we do get in a lot of cleaning with young children!

Two women I have participated in MOPS with were featured in a Keloland story about returning to work after staying at home. I loved how Keloland addressed the courage it takes to shift into a different arena - but I would venture to say it takes almost as much courage to stay at home.

After hearing their stories and considering how it does take some time to re-adjust, I was curious to read "Trading Places: Researcher Sylvia Ann Hewlett on the challenges confronting at-home moms who want to revive their careers." It was a Newsweek article and on-line I was even surprised to see they "rate" their stories. So, I would give each of these stories 4 stars (okay five!) is the link for the Newsweek article...,52595 is the link for the Keloland article...

And one last cudo for has helped me network with moms who are in the same parenting stage as I am. Sioux Falls hosts groups meeting in the day and in the evening. MOPS provides opportunities to help out with the planning of the program each meeting. This is one way I've found helps me to keep the fear of trying something new at bay. Besides the care of my family, it allows me to help other moms build up their homes and personal interests. hosts the incredible organization!