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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Writing Exercise #2 - Catchy Titles

In October's issue of Bookpage (reviews books distributed nationwide...and found in Sioux Falls libraries monthly), the titles of the books really struck me. The titles caused enough curiousity that I researched the books. Some of them I found interesting, and some titles were not so indicative of the content inside, and I was disappointed. Take a gander at these titles, keeping in mind what sparks your interest to dig into an article or larger work. Also check out Bookpage's contest to win books each month at This month's prize winners win biographies and movies of classic movie stars!

Something about these titles....

"I am Pangoo the Penguin" by Satomi Ichikawa
"Library Lion" by Michelle Knudsen
"Grayson" by Lynne Cox
"Teeth in a Pickle Jar" by H.B. Milligan

Three out of the four titles I would read!!! Can you guess which ones? Now that you've analyzed titles, reflect on your own. Do you use the first title to come to your mind, or do you make sure you've chosen something clever? Stretch yourself with your titles...ahh, that feels good!


alwaysawriter said...

This is Helena Bachmann Milligan, author of "Teeth in a Pickle Jar." I hope mine is one of the books you'd choose to read. I assure you it's NOT about dentistry. It is a funny and very unusual love story. The title is a metapor that I will not reveal... you have to read the novel to discover it for yourself.

Thea Ryan said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. Keep it up! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi to Thea and Helena. I do want to pick up Teeth in a Pickle Jar. Imagine Thea may want to read it as well. How are you girls doing?! What are you reading? That may answer my first question.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read "Teeth in a Pickle Jar" after reading the above authors comments. Hadn't heard of any of the titles. How's reading the Karen Kingsbury books going? I am on a third of a series she's written. Mom