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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Found a New Honey!

There's a new honey I am totally craving these days. On an Adventureland exploration, a sweet friend of mine and I both tried some flavored honey. She had the raspberry and I sampled the peach. We both ended up buying the kind we sampled which makes me think if we would have kept sampling, we maybe would have bought some more. At $3.75 per honeybear, I thought it was fairly close to the prices of honey in the stores. But I will need to check that for accuracy...I'm sure there was a marginal profit in there somewhere! Now that I'm back in Sioux Falls, I decided to investigate their website. They ship with a $8.70 or so shipping rate, so if I do order...I'm going to need some friends to join with me! Until then, come over for some toast with peach honey...flavoring your cup of tea perhaps as well!

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