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Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Poser?

The second time this word came up in a weekend and I began to consider its weight. I have been under the conviction for awhile that I have tipped the scale too far to the side of "speaking truth with love"... What happened, I decided, was in a few situations the truth started escaping from me as I had no clue how to get the "love" into the picture. There was a void in the love department--whereby I was not seeking a supply for it. I am now very excited to hear from Brennan Manning Thursday, May 3rd. His whole line-up is listed at and several of his books I was digging into on Amazon. Creativity is calling me! Wild Hogs is my second source of challenge in the posing department. The only tough thing is last week I called someone on offending me--past the overlooking point. It landed me out of the "helpful" department to the X-list. I decided after a few hours I didn't mind being there at all. I'm thinking that means I'm closer to truth....without enough details to deem an opinions...perhaps it's a digression from a potential pose. I'd like to think so.

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