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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Behind the Scenes - May's KNWC announcer

Listening to KNWC radio one morning, it struck me how much Luanne Christensen had in common with Sherry Rivers. On Valentine's Day, Sherry told a story on KLOVE about her husband giving her young daughter a rose for every Valentine's Day. She didn't give any reasons for the sweet gesture, but my hopes were that she would understand how much her father has invested in her future. Perhaps his eyes are lovingly aware of her some-day choices in dating and even marriage. I had the opportunity to interview Luanne for the May issue for Etc., telling about her adoption from China. I also did some digging and found an interview with Jon & Sherry Rivers about their international adoption of their daughter Lexi. Here's a snippet...

Tell us about the adoption process how did little Lexi come into your lives?
(Jon) God just spoke to me. I didn't want to adopt anything, let alone a child from a foreign country.
(Sherry) We had dealt with infertility for fifteen years. We've been down that road and certainly understand it. We've wanted a child since we first got married.
(Jon) And even though we were around Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore and saw their cute little babies, that had no affect on me whatsoever, other than disgust because I just had no interest in adoption at all. One day God simply slapped me upside the head and said, "Go get her!". And that moment we started the adoption process.


JADunham said...

Brian and I have thought about adoption. We have all these information packets, and every month when my dreams are dashed away, I think about sending in the application. I know I need to give it time, we've only been trying for a year...and some people battle infertility for years.

So, you're interviewing for a magazine? Cool! Which magazine?

Jennifer Noble said...

One thing about having children is learning to reliquish our control. I think there are so many times along the way God has continued to remind us of this fact, making sure we trust Him, or helping us learn to trust Him more. Have you seen Facing the Giants? Infertility is a snipit of the movie, but it addresses many areas of struggle in our Christian walk. We will be praying together, Jennifer