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Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Favorites

Curious George books by Margaret
Rey are so common, but Pretzel was one I found through a recommendation on It was a story of how Pretzel's normal charm doesn't cut it with his doggie-dream of a partner! He does end up winning her over, but not without some effort. Wouldn't want love to come too quickly! Then, Huggly's Pizza by Tedd Arnold ended up changing our dinner plans one evening. We already love pizza, so it was an easy sell.
For my birthday, a friend gave me this
journal published by Inspirio Gifts through Zondervan Publishing. I have enjoyed the quotations about prayer and of scripture tremendously. It is listed on their website and retails for $9.99. It has been a blessing to my prayer life so far this year. I have about 10 pages left, so it's getting filled too fast. Guess that's a good sign.
The other summer read for me is Francine River's The Scarlet Thread. Since I have read stories of biblical characters which she has put into a fictional context, this one isn't capturing my interests as much. I have learned more about writing, from the standpoint of capturing someone in stress-mode; however, that doesn't make for a relaxing read for me! I plan on getting back to the Lineage of Grace and Sons of Encouragement series this fall and winter.
Also enjoying the parks, community theater productions and writing with the encouragement of those God has graciously brought into my life. Now only if the girls would stop fighting! We're still working on that one.

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