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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was emailing with a friend and telling her how I had so many things to get cleaned up, prepped for fall, etc., that I couldn't get my creative projects started until I had wrapped up those must-dos! I cheated a tad and took a break to do some sewing. That sewing led me to work on the fabric I had purchased two years ago to construct curtains for our sunroom. I also had an idea to use our plastic tubs to make a semi-couch type least something for the kids to sit on while they use their roller coaster in the basement (photo will come later). So now I'M on a roll. I was smiling as I looked at the Country Door catelog today ( There were curtains similar in style to what I've created. I'll attach a photo to remind you of what leaving your tasks behind to do some creating can lead to!

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