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Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Entertainment

Air tap is a visual instrumentation with the guitar held horizontally. Erik Monograin was part of the Leadership Summit worship my husband partipated in this August. Find more and listen at his site

For the youngsters, we rented Are We Done Yet? We enjoyed some of the perfectionist humor in the character of Chuck played by John McGinley (who we also saw in Wild Hogs this summer). I still get cracked up hearing a friend of mine mistakingly call that movie Hog Wild. It then confused me so much that in discussing the movie with my hubby I called it Mad Cows. I was drawing a complete blank on the title at the time!

To study some writing techniques, I read The Indian in the Cupboard for its fictional elements. I had high hopes for the girls taking a liking to it, but no luck there. My seven-year-old did find the curious story of Blueberry Shoe by Ann Dixon a delight, and I scored on that search with a Blueberry Cookbook. Next week will be the scones with blueberry topping. Yum!

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