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Monday, April 14, 2008

Kid Daze

At the MOPS Summit, we had the opportunity to chart out our time. Luckily I was sitting by a friend who knew I should finish my activity! I mentioned how the two hours after school before dinner have been the roughest for me lately. Then the assignment was to brainstorm two ways you could improve that time. So, I made up a list by day of the week. I'm looking forward to these themes & am going to post a couple of books that could come in handy for tasks at such a time as this!

Monday - Praise & Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday - Craft Day

Wednesday - Cooking Day

Thursday - Letters to Friends Time

Friday - Game Nights

Saturday - Family Time

Sunday - Love, Devotion & Worship

The Kid's Book of Weather Forecasting: Build a Weather Station, 'Read the Sky' & Make Predictions! (Williamson Kids Can! Series) (Paperback)by Mark Breen (Author), Kathleen Friestad (Author), Michael Kline (Illustrator)

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