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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chocolate Craze

This is how we spent Mother's Day...playing the "Chocolate Game."  

- Premise:  You get to eat chocolate, but only after wearing three or so winter props & using a fork and knife.  

- And --  You have to get it done before the next person rolls a six, or the dice lined with two rows of three!

Thanks to Denise & Kristin for introducing our MOPS table leaders to our activity, and thanks to Jan for the incredible photo.  She rolled a lot of sixes before she actually got to eat anything!  As for me, I was trying to get some photos, keep from over-indulging in chocolate (we had already had a peanut butter pie), and then I kept rolling a six.  I did a lot of cutting with the knife (there's a hint to let everyone enjoy the "Chocolate Game."  

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Jan said...

Thanks to our Daughter-In-Law for keeping our family involved in activities that we would never think of. Love you - Jan