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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sweet Land

May 29th celebrates 9 years of marriage for Chad & I!  Since it's a celebration, we are hoping to find a spot in Johnny Carino's fireside room. I keep my eye on it, but usually it fills up so quickly.  

There's a poem I found in a marriage book I'm working on (yes, working on!)  It's a good thing to be diligent in marriage, as this poem highlights.  It was anonymous, so I added some edits, enjoy -

The world we know can be construed for hours
On a fantasy love filled with moonlight and flowers
But real love isn't like that - it has highs and lows,
And we must keep our direction, however it flows.

I made the decision that I'd love you with all of my heart,
So if my pulse stops racing as you enter the room,
If my sunshiny days turn into gloom,
If words said in anger cut deep to the core,
I won't love you less - just perhaps, forgive more.

Emotions are fickle, we can't live by whim,
Changing affections like chaff in the wind.
I've made my decision and I'll follow through;
Love is a decision, I've decided to love you.

Choose your love, then love your choice.

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