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Monday, July 06, 2009

Trumpeting + French = Variety

Yes, I find this CD over-the-top in a sweet sense, but I love it!  

Emilie Simon's "The Flower Book" is what I needed for working out (something lively) and to get me moving around the house.  In one sense, it reminds me of the instrumentation and synthesized sounds of Blondie, but Simon's voice is purely feminine and five French tracks are up-tempo. Plus, the vocalization is smooth.  "Dame de Lotus" and "Feur de saison" give listeners a boost of energy and maybe a smile.  "flowers" tells a girls tell of wanting to buy her favorite guy flowers, and lamenting how that isn't kosher for their manhood.   Who's with me on that one?!

Chris Botti is a recommendation about as opposite as you can get!  I'm excited about this compilation because it has more vocal pieces included, and the trumpet solo tracks are outstanding.  Let me clarify, all of the his playing is outstanding, but the lyrics add the  "love" in love songs!  Go sappy; after all, it's July.

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