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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I shot this photo as we watched Sae arrive, fumbling through her things. That afternoon her parents emailed me wondering if she still had her passport and memory sticks. Since then, she's taken 116 photos in three days and is delighted by experiencing a new country. Here's a few of her most frequent comments...

--American "fill in the blank" is big. Japanese "same object" is small.
--I like taco.
--I like Mario Cart. (she's played in Japan)
--Where are we going?
--That was fun.
--Thank you for the delicious meal.

So Olana's decided that Sae has helped her with her manners. I said, "Doesn't all that appreciation feel good?" It just goes to show that a positive attitude is truly a blessing. Now I just need to remember to utter peace once in awhile! (realizing the solution means taking more photos)

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