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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Read Alouds

"Cheap, Cheap!" by Julie Stiegemeyer is so cute - reminds me of a cartoon. The best part is the line-up of words that are easy for beginning readers to pick up on...chicks wind up in heaps, asleep, etc.
"My Turn Bible Stories about Opposites" is chronologically depicting opposites in the bible, the narrative is short, but powerful. by Sarah Fletcher

"Hello, Hello!" by Miriam Schlein brings animals close-up and
explains how they greet one another. I love the variety in their introducti
ons and feeling like an eye-witness to their behaviors.
Melody Carlson about made me cry
the first time through "Don't W
orry about Tomorrow," as the freedoms and liberties she's depicted through birds and flowers are absolutely beautiful. I did cut out a few words as I read, but we picked this book up three times in a week - with rhyme I think you're likely to do that!

"Nora's Ark" was a a hit because it's a true story. There's a lot of suspense and great contrast in the drama from beginning to climax to the historic ending. It reminded me of the trip I took to New Orleans after the hurricane. by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

"Wyatt's Wagon" is one of the few books to address ho
w to let the Lord step in when someone upsets you. Ju
st meeting those crisis moments with love and not aven
ging those who do wrong. Gary Bower captures the dialog
ue that's often heard from mouths of babes, but it's tender, and the moral
of the story is addressed in a Q &A at the end of the book.

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