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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God's Presence in a Busy Season

I'd love to hear about how you're seeking this summer.  I'm finding answers in various teachings, in various forms and wanted to share those resources.  Tommy Nelson's study of Ecclesiastes brings out themes of desiring the "created" more than the "Creator." Even the substitute of passion for love.  There's a clip of it on Youtube, and Tommy's voice is soothing, like the words of the Bible are balm to an aching soul.  The greatest part about having sermons on audio is putting them on my IPOD and listening while exercising - a double-dip, half the calories.

Just last summer, I found Francine Rivers book "Unshaken:  Ruth" in her Lineage of Grace series.  She really brought out the love story from both Ruth and Boaz's eyes.  Boaz was neglected in my prior readings of the book of Ruth, and because I didn't understand the culture at that time, reading the verses alone were confusing. I appreciated how this book showed me their actions, making their stories completely relevant. The greatest part about this series of books is they are called NOVELLAS, translation = super short.  Second part, they have probing questions at the back to see how your life correlates as the story unfolds.  As I've recognized July as the month where my energy sags, I'm hopeful that God's presence will continue to sustain the busy summer months ahead.

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