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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Secret Santa

Sierra was so cute.  She was trying to remind me of last year's secret Santa gig we dreamed up but couldn't remember what it was called.  Grandma Jan came to hide the gifts once a week in December.  We are working up a new version, combining our viewing of Christmas lights with a road map and guessing where your present is hid. If you guess correctly, we'll drive there and to hunt down your gift.  I'm looking for a 40 degree evening in December!  As for our little girl in the Christmas spirit, she's already given us a Christmas Card.  It says, "Are you in the Christmas spirit?" Inside: "Yeah!"  Then it proceeds to tell us how her year is going.  What a sweetie!  Andrew, well - he's asking for sugar cookies, and Olana's soon to be playing on a piano.  (we're praying for a smooth transition on that one!)

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