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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disasters & Delights

So if I'm going to detail my two disasters thus far today, I figured I could throw in some delights to balance the scales.

Disaster #1:  Andrew is still groggy and while flushing the toliet decides to take the empty roll down to assign me the task of putting on new toliet paper.  In the process, the whole thing springs apart, and down goes half of the metal holder into the toliet.  I thought a plunger might revive it, no such luck.  I think I'll see if they still sell those air freshener toliet paper holders.

Disaster #2:  I am flashed yet another warning about a website at work.  I've seen these a gazzilion times with websites I've already been to and are okay.  This one however flashes something about protecting my computer & it looks real.  Click, click, too late.  My excuse was that it'd been such a long time since I'd seen anything like this, that I didn't know to just XXXXXXXXX out of it!!!!!!!!!!  Moral of this story is not to open anything that looks real (and in the above shape).  This is so embarrassing because I work for computer technicians.  I offered to pay for computer repair with baked goods.  Please tell me your spyware horror stories and make me feel better.

OKay, now that that's over with.  Delights!!!  (note that these are all from yesterday)

Delight #1:  That Bagel Boy has Snapple.  All natural flavors and tastes as good as I remember.  I love the pink lemonade.

Delight #2:  We've been sharing a lotta love with our 5-a-day hug chart that was implemented to add a little positive reinforcements with the kids.  Sierra left a note for Olana while she was at basketball last night on the back of a 5X7 photo.  At least it's a love note!  (and I will post dates/location for All-City's Peter Pan soon - hope you can come)


Lisa Groenewold said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a day you had before we came to your home for MIT yesterday! And you handled it all in stride. How did the office like their payment of banana bread? I'm sure they thought it was fabulous!!! :) I LOVE your stories and am so thankful for your friendship! You make me smile!!! :)

Jennifer Noble said...

You make me smile more...thanks for your encouragement Lisa. jN