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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morning Observations

After a rough ride for a few days...Jennifer behind and playing catch up, kids pushing each others buttons while she was busy - we are now back on track. I don't know how much to attribute to prayer and how much to attribute to housework being in a better place, but mind you, I'm appreciative of a quieter morning.

Here goes the conversation with the kids...
Me:  "Did you do anything fun in your family time this week?"
Sierra:  "Yes, we played a game to that book 'The Mitten.'"
Olana:  "Each person was a part of the story.  Some were mittens, some were the animals, and then we had to switch chairs when our character was mentioned."
Andrew:  "And I was a bear (or something, can't remember exactly)"
Olana:  "No, you were a mitten."
Andrew:  "No, I remember."
Mom:  "Can we go on with the story?"
Olana:  "So then if we were in the middle three times, we took away a chair."
Sierra:  "But no one ever took away a chair."
Andrew:  "And it was fun."

So, at this point the discussion starts to die down, but I get the idea. It sounds interesting, and I'm glad they're having a good week. I moved on to asking them, "What was that specific thing we prayed about yesterday?" Olana tells me the safety patrol skits that they hadn't practiced, and she added they were fine. God is good.

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